Beyond All Defects

Beyond All Defects – the debut CD from Sir Richard Bishop & W. David Oliphant will be released to the world on August 21, 2012. This disc, the first in a series, was composed and recorded live in the studio in Phoenix, AZ in December of 2011. The sonic landscapes presented here find their origins in Tibet, and are heavily inspired by Tibetan Buddhism - specifically the body of teachings known as Dzogchen. Many of the musical ideas for this project were literally derived from dreams
the night before they were created. The remaining ideas were formed centuries ago.

SRB plays acoustic guitar throughout. The guitar, often detuned, bowed, and beaten, was 'treated' by WDO during the live recording process. SRB also provided sounds taken from field recordings he captured in India. WDO used a variety of different computer softwares with a midi controller to create all the other sounds. All tracks were captured in real-time, direct to disk.

"There are secrets hiding in the deep caverns of this music. One of them is that no great art is made without the slaughter of innocence... A happy amalgam of Himalayan ritual music, avant-garde atmospheres, and the penetrating, processional drones of the Orgies Mysteries Theater. Bravo!" Michael Gira / Swans

“Arcane passages of light-absent reverberation illuminate Bishop & Oliphant's traverse of a quite timeless (or pre-time) underworld passage. Celebratory, atmospheric and obscure until the end.”
Stephen O'Malley / Sunn O)))

"There are places on this planet where the landscape dwarfs the sky. With Beyond All Defects, Sir Richard Bishop and W. David Oliphant have conjured something that is vast in its proportions and simultaneously microcosmic in its detail, pinpointed as if with a kīla. Incorporating track titles that reference Tibetan Buddhism and swathed in the imagery of its meditational pantheon, Beyond All Defects weaves a world of sound into a music riddled with allegorical location recordings, sublime frequencies, and the low sonorous trumpeting of dungchen, the Tibetan long horn. Bishop and Oliphant have created something extraordinary, a thing outwith of the conventions of the contemporary avant garde (and yes, the avant garde rapidly adopts its own conventions), and something infernal and translucent that has a resonance as ancient as the far valleys through which we would wish to walk without fear if we could. Go, stride those places with them."
Ben Ponton / :zoviet*france: