: We have now reached the 200 pre-order limit. Congratulations to those 200 people who ordered early, each of whom will receive the stamped cloth bag housing the eight energy cards and the hand-numbered card signed by SRB & WDO.

cd and cards

    Artists: Sir Richard Bishop & W. David Oliphant
    Release Date: August 21, 2012
    Label: Chodpa Media (CM101CD)
  • Limited to 500 Copies
  • Total Running Time: 73 Minutes
  • Track Listing:
  • 1 Dharmakaya 12:15
    2 Sambhogakaya 5:14
    3 Nirmanakaya 6:15
    4 Semde 10:05
    5 Longde 3:14
    6 Upadesa 9:57
    7 Zung ngag 16:36
    8 Thigle 10:34

"It is no longer possible for me to be still... Ever... Not even in silence. So, when I tell you that this album rendered me completely, physically motionless, I hope it conveys the value of my meaning. I do not mean to say that it caused paralysis or some inability. It's just... there was no need. I was *allowed* to be still."


A special thanks to Techniprintaz.com for contributing the printing of our limited edition sets of cards.